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Custom Packaging Company Pittsburgh, PA

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Pittsburgh consumers see hundreds of products and advertisements each day, so it is important that your product’s packaging stands out from the rest. Packaging Services Industries, Inc. offers innovative yet practical packaging solutions that make your product pop. Our team of design experts has spent years discovering the most effective packaging designs to appeal to each customer base.

For boxing up and shipping your goods, you do not want a one-size-fits-all solution. Your business needs packaging that stands out from the competition, holds up during shipping, and represents the ideals of your brand. For all these and more, we have you covered.

Our top-of-the-line machinery and expert design team are capable of creating a unique and effective packaging solution for your company.

High-Quality Materials

The best packaging is made from the best quality materials, and at PSI, we do not skimp on durability. We offer a variety of packaging materials to create a solution that fits the weight, dimension, and fragility requirements of your product.

We offer packaging options made from:

  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Regular cardboard
  • Wood
  • Foam

Each of these materials works differently to protect your product during shipping and communicate your brand to consumers. We will work with you to choose a packaging material that suits the needs of your products and fits within your budget.

We know the importance of maximizing profit margins for your business, so we offer materials at all price points. But do not worry—all of our materials are high-quality and will keep your product safe and secure during transport.

Let’s Talk Shop!

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  • Note: Products can only be shipped to commercial addresses. A minimum of $1000 per order required.

Unique Designs

Some companies reuse designs, but we make every one of our packaging solutions specifically for each client. This means that your packaging will stand out from the competition and uniquely represent your brand.

We know that consumers purchase with their eyes, so having an attractive, unique packaging design encourages customers to check out your product.

Unique designs also communicate to consumers that your product:

  • Offers something new and innovative that they have not tried before
  • Utilizes modern technology, design, or ingredients
  • Is high-quality and trendy

Having an attractive packaging design is one of the smartest marketing decisions you can make, and we will help you create a design that perfectly represents your product to consumers.

We know that you might not be ready to grant us full creative control, so we will include you in every step of the design process. You know your brand better than anyone, and we take each of your suggestions seriously to shape our designs toward the unique image of your company.

Care to see some of our past packaging designs? Check out our designs for inspiration about how your product could look.

Smart Solutions

If you have an oddly-shaped item that won’t fit in a normal box, we can help. Whether you have large products or delicate devices, our custom packaging company uses ingenuity in each of our designs to provide you with a creative solution.

PSI utilizes the best technology in the industry to create each of our packaging designs from scratch. We even have a custom-made machine, our BGM machine, that allows us to tailor your packaging design down to the smallest detail. We have strayed away from traditional, square boxes and towards innovated packaging solutions that case studies have proven to sell products better.

Call Packaging Services Industries, Inc. in Pittsburgh, PA at 724-626-0100 today to schedule a free consultation with our custom packaging company. We cannot wait to begin the process of creating a top-notch packaging solution for your product.