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True to your brand and product

When it comes to packaging, PSI deals from the inside out. From the cardboard to the wooden crates, we not only provide them, but we also fabricate them. Turning your ideas into 3D products that intersect at purpose and practicality.

where form meets function

PSI’s goal is to get a comprehensive understanding of your shipment requirements, so we can effectively design and construct a shipping container that will effectively transport your product at minimized cost. Not only can we build to your product’s custom specifications, but we can also offer strategies and innovative solutions to manufacturing the highest quality shipping crate while controlling waste. Crates can also be designed in conjunction with other packaging materials such as foam, reels, and pallets.

Custom pallets can be designed in conjunction with a corrugated box, crate or other packaging materials to ensure a safe fit for your products.

Custom reels can be made to organize and ship wire, cable, hose, tubing, tapes, rope and textiles. Along with building custom reels, we also provide refurbishing services to repair damaged or worn reels you may have.

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