Box to Nature – An Industry-Wide Residential Recycling Program

Box to Nature – An Industry-Wide Residential Recycling Program

We are proud to announce that we have joined the Paper and Packaging Board’s residential recycling program, Box to Nature. Developed by P+PB in collaboration with participating paper and corrugated manufacturing companies and industry partners, Box to Nature is an initiative where box manufacturers work with ecommerce brands to print a graphic on their boxes that encourages consumers to recycle.


The Box to Nature graphic provides specific instructions on how to easily recycle (empty, flatten, recycle), and features a QR code that directs them to where they will find memorable, easy-to-recall messages to encourage recycling habits. When the message was tested before launching the program, 75% of consumers indicated they would be more likely to recycle their e-commerce box after exposure to the graphic.


It is estimated that only 40% of ecommerce boxes shipped to consumers are recovered for recycling. While consumers want to make more conscious sustainability choices, 2 in 3 confess they do not always recycle. Putting the Box to Nature mark on every box, not only helps your customers understand how easy it is to recycle properly, but you’re also taking a positive step towards meeting your own zero-waste and stated sustainability pledges.


We all own the responsibility for the planet’s sustainability – but with 62% of consumers expecting brands and the government to take more ownership, amplifying your brand’s own sustainability story is increasingly important. The Box to Nature mark shows consumers that you are part of the solution.


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