Package Testing

Cardboard That Stands (and Ships) The Test of Time

PSI’s Design team has your best interest in mind when developing a packaging solution to fit your needs, including your truck’s capacity, your warehouse (or ours) and consultations. We provide safe transit for your product and keep your budget in mind by using a wide range of packaging materials that allow us to build competent, valid and reliable packaging.

we deliver proven performance

Vertical load compression analysis can be calculated using our Design software that will help select the correct material required to get your package to its destination safely and most cost-effectively.

PSI’s Design department can perform drop tests that meet ASTM testing standards and can simulate UPS, USPS and FedEx testing requirements using an Accudrop 160 free fall drop tester. Following rules is key to maintaining your product’s superior quality, but taking things to the next level is how we make a name for both of us.

PSI ensures quality in our product by testing production run material on our TMI compression tester which can accurately verify the edge crush or vertical compression strength of the corrugated fiberboard we are making your carton from. Bursting strength can be confirmed by using our BF Perkins Mullen tester.

Our engineers account for:

• Dimension Weight Shipping Rates
• Logistical Improvements
• Compression & Stacking
• Drops & Impacts
• Shocks & Vibrations
• Climatic Conditions

Have products that need testing? Talk to an associate about our capabilities by calling or emailing us for more information.

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