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PSI Launches Their New Website

Packaging Services Industries brings in the new year with a new website that not only speaks volumes on their services and capabilities, but gives viewers visual resources to back the company’s wide range of expertise. The site has been in development for over five months and represents a dramatic shift in PSI’s online presence.

PSI provides custom corrugated packaging, point of purchase (POP) displays, crates, reels, pallets, packaging machinery and packaging supplies to product manufactures, small businesses and retailers. “Our vast flexibility in the markets we service combined with the cost efficient, high-quality value we supply our clients with has established us as one of the leading custom corrugated suppliers in the Mid-Atlantic region” says Chris Litzinger, Vice President of Packaging Services Industries.

New additions to the website include an interactive digital supply brochure customers can use to look over the wide range of packaging supply products PSI offers, a file transfer portal where clients can easily upload and submit their designs for pre-press preparation, a case studies page that showcases some of our past projects and an online resources division where current and potential clientele can gather more information on stock packaging, box styles, pre-press requirements, box strengths and more.

Along with making their services more clearly defined, they have also made it easier than ever to contact them. “Many of our clients found it hard to reach us for general information so we really wanted to re-define the sole purpose of the website. From there, we designed a more user-friendly experience based around the customers needs and our core company culture,” says Jessi Knipe, Graphic Designer of PSI.

Providing customers with a wide range of products and services, the new website puts forward a fresh company image that will continue to grow and enforce the fundamental company objectives that set PSI apart from their competitors.

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