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PSI Container is Now SFI Certified!

PSI Container is very happy to announce that they are now SFI Certified. SFI stands for Sustainable Forestry Initiative. The SFI program stands apart from other forest certification standards by addressing the fact that only 10 percent of the world’s forests are certified resources for pulp, wood, paper, fiber, etc…. Being SFI certified means that PSI Container purchases raw materials that come from legal & responsible sources that make conscious efforts to sustain our environment and protect natural resources. It has been determined that the 95% of the raw material supply that PSI Container purchases is from SFI certified sources, which qualifies PSI Container for the continued use of the SFI certified sourcing label.

PSI, as a company, is constantly working to minimize waste, increase productivity & design packaging that not only performs, but also utilizes the least amount of fiber as possible. Programs like SFI also include measures to acquire wood from known and legal sources, to keep our waters clean & fresh, and to conserve biological diversity, among other things. This certification tells buyers that a product comes from responsible and legal sources.

“We want our customers to know that we are consistent in our philosophy for never-ending process improvement. Being accepted into the SFI organization is a huge stepping stone for us as a company and we hope that it will help inspire others to make responsible choices that will have positive effects on our environment.” –Jim Olson, Sales Manager for PSI Container

So what does this mean for their customers?

Since PSI is now SFI certified, it opens up a world of opportunity for our clients when it comes to being green! Customers that want to ensure that they are making a stance in proper waste management and responsible resourcing can purchase packaging from PSI that proudly displays the SFI Certified stamp.

For more information on what you can do to help better your business by being actively involved with responsible sustainability efforts, visit

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