PSI | Moving from Stock Packaging to Custom Boxes

Moving from Stock Packaging to Custom Boxes

Everyone has to start somewhere and for most start-ups they begin with purchasing unprinted, stock size boxes from catalog companies who offer a large list of stock boxes and supply items. This “bottom line” approach is appealing for start-ups and small businesses who need to be cautious with their spending, but eventually, as a company grows and their market develops, they are likely going to explore marketing and packaging improvement options that will to take their products to the next level.

“…the bottom line with buying bulk stock packaging is that you are buying what THEY sell, instead of buying what YOU need…”

Now, don’t get us wrong – big packaging supply stores have their place and are wonderful for certain things. But how do you know when it is time to explore other options?

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When you buy a box from PSI, you are getting more than just the cardboard container to put your products into. Our teams consist of people who are problem solvers; trained to streamline production and order fulfillment issues, engineer solutions to save packaging costs, offer marketing research and completely custom graphics to target your individual audience, and set up vendor managed inventory for easy offsite warehousing management. Our expert staff comes at no additional cost, and with them they bring copious amounts of experience.

“Customization of your packaging isn’t just about looking pretty. It is also about functionality within your warehousing and fulfillment facilities.

Barcodes, item numbers, in-house spec numbers, etc. can all be customized to your logistic needs, making your internal operation faster and be more dynamic to internal changes.”


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Using fillers and excessive packaging materials might make you feel safer about your products safety during shipping, but more is not always better. From excessive spending on packaging fillers, damaged returns, material waste and shipping costs, you could be spending less on a completely custom packaging solution that is engineered to protect your product.


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Many clients come to us about using their packaging to enhance user experience and market differently. Take advantage of using FedEx and UPS shipping routes to get more exposure for your products by printing quality graphics on your shipping containers – effectively turning your box into a traveling advertisement!

“By creating a package that is branded and visually appealing, consumer interest automatically rises, and along with that, your product value in the market goes up in the eyes of the consumer.”