PSI | Surprise & Delight: Making The Package Memorable

Surprise & Delight: Making The Package Memorable

For online retailers such as ModCloth, establishing a connection with the customer can be a challenge. Since the clothing provider exists solely on the internet, with no storefronts to interact with customers, opportunities to make an initial and lasting impression are limited.

The stylish and trendy women’s clothing, shoes, and housewares provider uses every available technique to ensure they’re providing a unique and personalized experience without ever speaking to the customer directly. Their goal, to establish a memorable connection with their customers, begins before the customer even opens their box. The initial impression ModCloth designers have coined as “Surprise and Delight” is a common phrase heard around their offices and is the goal reaction for every package that goes out the door.

Packaging Services Industry’s designers work hand in hand with ModCloths’ Senior Designer and Graphic Designer to bring their creative designs to life on 100% post-consumer recycled corrugated material. The boxes are printed on both the inside and the outside using EekoBlend eco-friendly inks to ensure every aspect of the custom package is earth friendly.

On the interior of each package, there are messages such as “Here I Am – Brand New and Just For You!” encourageing customers to connect with them and other ModCloth fans online with reminders to tweet with the hashtag #ImUniqueBecause, and push people to their website to upload pictures of themselves in their new finds.

ModCloth’s goal, according to ModCloths’ Senior Designer is to “make the out-of-the-box experience memorable, to make the customer feel like they are getting a present. Our goal (in designing the artwork for the box) is for them to want to get a package again.” ModCloths’ Graphic Designer says, “Designing the boxes is so much fun. I still get excited (when I place an order) knowing something is waiting for me inside that box.”

In addition to utilizing eco-friendly packaging materials offered by PSI, ModCloth encourages re-use of their boxes and motivates end-users to keep the boxes in an effort to reduce landfill waste. An example of the repackaging initiatives is the 2012 holiday box, which was designed to look like a present. It came complete with a ribbon printed on the outside, appropriate for gift- giving on its own and to encourage reusing the box for other gift giving moments.

PSI’s distinction: having highly-trained in-house designers and experienced management and sales staff to help to make these goals a reality for ModCloth. Their artwork is intricate and special attention must be paid to things like registration and box orientation. It is rewarding – everyone on the PSI staff, from production to customer service, is fully vested in these boxes. The boxes are unique and challenging, and their success and the success of ModCloth is PSI’s ultimate reward.

ModCloth’s goal is to continue to make that moment special, and so they continue to redesign and innovate their packaging, and PSI is with them every step of the way.