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What to Look For In a Packaging Company

In every industry, there are defining aspects to each company that make it stand out from the competition. Whether that defining difference be the quality of service, innovation of the staff members or simply their basic ability to meet your small deadlines. Whatever the case may be, you are still looking for something specific that applies to your wants and needs from a supplier or vendor.

The corrugated packaging industry is no different. In fact, I would go as far as to say that your choice in a packaging provider should be one of the most important business decisions you make. You have invested countless hours and manpower developing not only a product, but also a company brand. Your brand speaks quality and accountability to your target market audience.

Your company’s reputation can either be reinforced or damaged by your products’ packaging. Packaging is what your consumer is going to see first and it is going to provide either a positive or negative user experience. If the packaging is clean, neat and has high quality graphics, odds are your consumer is going to recall that initial feeling when they encounter your brand down the road. If the packaging is cheaply made and contains damaged goods, you can bet that the consumer is likely to go with your competitors’ product.


So, what should you look for in a packaging company?

Short Runs

Is the company flexible in how many packaging runs you can do? Some smaller companies that are starting out often fluctuate in order fulfillment and consumer demands. Working with a company that will allow you to order smaller runs will help keep your start-up costs and overhead lower. In addition to cost savings, working with a company that will do smaller runs also means that you wont necessarily need excessive storage space to house your packaging.

Client Feedback

Most companies realize the importance of making client testimonials and case studies available to prospective clients. Do a little research on their company website or contact one of their sales representatives with a request to see testimonials and/or case studies.

A Diverse Client Base

One of the biggest deciding factors when choosing a packaging supplier is how diverse their current client base is. Have they created packaging for companies in your industry? Does their quality of work meet your needs? Walking into a new business-to-business relationship demands dependability. Make sure that your chosen packaging provider can meet your expectations when it comes to understanding your company, product and industry.

Additional Services

In addition to providing corrugated packaging needs, does the company offer peripheral services or knowledge? A company that can provide the most services from under one roof will likely be your best choice in a packaging provider because of two main reasons. First, the more services they offer in-house means the less out-sourcing to third parties they do, which can affect your overall cost.

Secondly, a “one-stop-shop” custom packaging provider is beneficial because the more services and departments they offer tends to reflect their company growth and knowledge base. If they have the capability to provide custom foam fabrication, custom graphic design and custom structure fabrication, that typically means they have the manpower and the educated professionals to provide such services (which hopefully means that you will get top quality customer service).


Quality of work will always outweigh the cost, but this doesn’t mean you should drain the accounts just to have the most sought-after designer and printer create your packaging. Keep it sensible. Compare tooling and material costs with other companies, and then factor in the quality of work you have been shown.

In the end, you want something that provides protection, stability and quality. Hopefully this write-up will help you find that perfect vendor.

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