PSI | Eaton Corporation : A 20 Year Friendship!

Eaton Corporation : A 20 Year Friendship!

PSI Packaging Services, Inc. has been a packaging supplier to Eaton Corporation’s (formerly Cutler-Hammer) Electrical Division, Beaver, PA facility for more than 20 years. Together we have seen plenty of changes with each other’s products and services.

Both Eaton Corporation and PSI have introduced new technologies & innovations to the marketplace and each has implemented better internal operating systems & processes. We have seen personnel changes due to promotion, retirement and new hires. We have enjoyed each other successes (yes, a few setbacks), and together we have met challenges and watched each other grow as leaders in our industries. Yet, the one thing that has been the most constant in our relationship, is a simple warehouse.

What makes our business relationship unique is that we have an onsite, fully staffed warehouse, within Eaton Corporation’s, Beaver facility. PSI’s computer systems are linked with Eaton Corporation, where PSI is able to see item usage and receive releases from Eaton production & scheduling throughout the day.

Our onsite PSI staff then picks the release, which meets that day or the following day’s production, unitizes and then places orders outside the “crib” for a fork truck pickup. At times, we may receive over 45 releases in a shift.


PSI also provides to Eaton pre-assembled corrugated items, corrugated buildups with foam products, engineered foam, and packaging supply products such as Sealed Air cushioning, 3M packaging tapes, folding cartons, poly products, and many others, all from this single warehouse.

Through close coordination between the onsite warehouse, PSI Connellsville’s corrugated plant and our PSI trucking fleet, we are able to meet the ever changing production demands of Eaton’s business requirements. We truly are offering our customer Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) with the added element of just-in-time delivery to their floor!

For more information about how PSI Packaging Services, Inc. can assist you with your packaging needs and develop a servicing program unique to your company, contact us today!

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