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We Support Engineers

From product to process, you need a quality packaging team that supports and compliments your product needs. Here at PSI, we’re dedicated to delivering the perfect fit to every gadget, device, and process need, in a measurable way.

• Protective packaging solutions

• Accommodation of unique storage conditions

• Measurable efficiency gains

We Engage Marketers

You know what it takes to make an effective marketing campaign, and how impactful packaging can be in inspiring engagement. We’re here to ensure your brand stays true to you, and your customers.

• We help you deliver an unforgettable customer experience

• Quality point-of-purchase displays that stand out

• Powerful designs that don’t compromise product

We Inspire Designers

Your craftsmanship is your commodity, and we honor that. PSI’s teams are trained to work directly with designers and studios to ensure they have all of the information they need to successfully layout, package and deliver press-ready art that aligns with your vision.

We Supply Purchasers

We’re here to help your business run more efficiently, and that includes support in the form of inventory management, to distribution and logistics. Whatever your unique need is, we’ve got you covered.

• Stock supplies you can depend on

• Reduction of on-site storage needs

• Custom product sourcing 

We Bolster Owners

You’ve built a business on a foundation of honest work ethic and consistent delivery on quality. When it comes to packing your product efficiently, maximizing operational needs and implementing systems that minimize financial waste, PSI is her to support your entire business in a holistic way.

• Reduction in damage and return rates

• Increase in operational efficiency

• Dependable, dedicated customer support

We Empower Managers

From production lines to equipment and automation, you know what works best for your team. But PSI’s experts in efficiency, system implementation, and performance will lead your team to the next level.

Sneak Peek

With three production facilities, a dedicated corrugation plant and five private warehouses - PSI is a diverse and dedicated partner for mega‑corporations and small business alike.

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