PSI | The Original DuckShot™

The Original DuckShot™

Now everyone can drink like a Robertson with The Original DuckShot™!

EAP Innovations, a glassware and candle making supply company located in Allison Park, Pennsylvania, created a product to compete in the Duck Dynasty® sensation that can be seen in every major US retail center. John Byrnes, owner of EAP, signed an agreement to use the Duck Commander® logo and sped to market with The Original DuckShot™, a duo mason jar styled mug with a standard size shot glass attached to the bottom.

Packaging Services Industries worked quickly to design the individual consumer grade packaging and master shipping packs to transport inventory safely via FedEx to local and nationally branded retailers.

After collaborating with PSI on a package design, EAP Innovations was “happy, happy, happy” with the ease of package assembly, the cost of the individual pack, and the ability to see the product at a market level without removing The Original DuckShot™ from the package.

EAP Innovations had unique manufacturing needs as they wanted to push the product to market as soon as possible, but had limited warehousing space to accommodate the amount of consumer packaging they would need. Together, EAP Innovations and PSI worked hand in hand to schedule just-in-time deliveries from PSI to EAP’s warehouse. This ensured that EAP had their packaging on demand for order fulfillment and distribution cycles.

To purchase The Original DuckShot™, visit your local Bass Pro Shop or visit EAP Innovations online store. *Beards sold separately.

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