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Tired of having inventory out of stock when you have an in-demand product? A lack of space may limit your inventory but PSI partners with business to help them exceed their goals. Part of our package deal, in conjunction with our packaging materials solution, is providing extensive inventory access to qualifying clients.

we keep your custom packaging safe

And give you enough room to maneuver around market demands and unexpected order increases.

Packaging Services Industries is uniquely positioned to offer its customers the opportunity to have their packaging managed by using our industry software and efficient warehousing. Amtechs® Top Gun software, which allows us to accurately maintain and manage your inventory. Cycle counts and individual bale markers identify each unit for location, quantity, and age.

Cardboard inventory must be handled carefully as minimizing physical damage, and moisture retention are vital in ensuring your products stay safe during shipment. PSI’s warehousing experts work with you to develop a delivery schedule that will guarantee quality and structural rigidity. Our state-of-the-art equipment and warehouse design allow minimal handling of your product, which helps us ensure the highest possible cost-effect quality. Saving money where you can so you can spend it where it matters most is one of the ways we help you during our consultations.

What does inventory services with PSI look like?

• Meticulous quality control of finished product
• Just-In-Time delivery of product as you need it
• Warehousing programs specific to your business

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