Ink Matching

The Missing Link to Branded Boxes? Ink.

Many branding components depend on cohesion across all platforms, specifically your collateral and packaging. At PSI, we utilize the most current software and equipment to ensure color consistency from press run to press run.

color accuracy and consistency

The process begins with a target color supplied by the customer. We work closely in our ink kitchen, determining the press the job will print on, reviewing artwork to determine the sequence, providing anilox configurations and substrate choices. All are essential when developing or predicting how your color will print before ever going to press. While this may sound like a lot of technical jargon for cardboard boxes, the outcome is a real masterpiece.

Once the color has been matched, and the proof has been approved, we are provided an electronic version of the recommended color. We load that standard into our system and will measure against that standard on all future runs. The equipment and software used are in alignment with global standards, allowing us to micro-manage your product outcome.

An ink formula, unique to the job, is then used to blend ink on-site. We have an ink kitchen that not only allows us to react quickly to our customer’s needs but also customize each batch of ink dispensed. PSI makes the correct color adjustments (if needed), accurately and rapidly. The use of a spectrophotometer and color formulation software is used to read and monitor color throughout the press run.

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