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It’s been a while, is not part of our vernacular. From the beginning of a PSI introduction and project, we strive to be accessible every day, to every concern and and custom packaging need. On the phone. Through email. On-site and most importantly through distribution with your order. Regardless if you need it next month or tomorrow morning, all your orders are a priority.

flexibility and dependability

We understand the importance of flexibility and dependability when it comes to delivering packaging to our customers. Packaging Services Industries has the tools and technology to integrate daily truck runs with our customers based on their production schedules.

By downloading your production schedule, we can stock your high volume items, determine when your inventory is needed and run trucks from our warehouses to your facilities in time for distribution… and all the holidays and Amazon peek seasons. Our versatile fleet of 31 trucks, 98 trailers and multiple delivery vans and box trucks ensures that we can handle daily delivery demands from our customers.

We understand that on time delivery is a critical component to having a cost-effective manufacturing operation. Replying on our fleet to deliver packaging product regularly helps you minimize damage during transit and avoid the overhead expenses of an in-house transport system.

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