PSI Team Receives American Package Design Award - PSI

PSI Team Receives American Package Design Award

We would like to congratulate two of our amazing designers, Tom Hutchins and Jessi Knipe-Semler, for winning the Graphic Design USA 2016 American Packaging Design Award for their work on the Lucky Launcher II.


Graphic Design USA showcases 200 elite design firms, departments and production companies from around the world annually, celebrating not only the look of a package, but its ability to forge an emotional connection with a buyer in a world that is full of information overload, media clutter and economic disconnection.


The Lucky Launcher II is one of Specialty Products’ versatile training tools designed to teach retrievers the skills needed for consistent performance when duck hunting. With Specialty Products being a worldwide leader in their very niche industry, Tom and Jessi took on the task of creating a unique design tailored to their brand and consumer market.

“Tom and I really wanted to tow the line between the professional, trusted products that Specialty Products produces and play on the excitement of a new “toy” being purchased. Custom graphics were drafted around the Americana feel of the company’s target market, while also giving them a modern twist – utilizing icons and clean graphics” says Jessi Knipe, Graphic Design Manager of PSI.

The simplicity in kraft brown corrugated pairs naturally with a limited color palette and proud placement of a custom “Made in America” symbol, giving credence to the branded mix of vintage and modern elements while keeping tradition with their trusted customer base.

Interested in creating a unique design that embodies your brand and protects your product? Our talented in-house design team is here to help every step of the way!