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PSI Saves The Day with Vendor Machinery

One of our newer customers had a rush project that would require the use of three L-sealers and shrink tunnels. Specifically, they needed three separate production lines involving manual L-sealers. Time was of the essence!

“At PSI, we provide demo units for our customers to test drive at no charge. We were able to deliver the demo machine within one week. PSI technicians worked alongside the customer to ensure proper installation, and we followed up to ensure they were satisfied. ” –Nathan Mulcahy, Sales Representative for PSI Container

Based on the demo experience, the customer purchased THREE semi-automatic L-sealers. Using the Eastey combo unit “offers a L-sealer and shrink tunnel on a common frame for simple setup, perfect alignment, and mobility within the plant.” –

At PSI, we are more than just a box company. We foster close relationships with high-quality vendors, who deliver on value and customer satisfaction, just as we do.

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