PSI Launches New Packaging for Specialty Products! - PSI

PSI Launches New Packaging for Specialty Products!

“PSI is staffed by incredibly talented and professional staff! From our initial contact with PSI to the delivery of our finished product we were impressed with their passion to produce and deliver exactly what we needed. I will use PSI for all of my retail packaging needs, what a great company!” – Melissa Meyers, Specialty Products Company


Since 1965, Specialty Products has manufactured a wide range of equipment and accessories used throughout the world to train retriever-hunting dogs. Their Lucky Launcher II Basic Kit was hitting the market and they wanted to ensure this new product would standout on the shelf, while being conscious of cost effective packaging solutions.

“Melissa, owner of Specialty Products, reached out to us after finding our website. She was using hard plastic cases to ship products and wanted to move the packaging in a direction that would not only be more cost effective, but that could also be used in retail locations world-wide, thus be competitive from a marketing standpoint” says Jacob Carrelli, Account Manager for PSI.

Together, PSI’s structure engineers’ and graphic design department worked hand-in-hand with the Specialty Products team to design a complete package that securely houses the Lucky Launcher II Basic Kit with a custom die cut insert.


“When approaching the design of the packaging, I really wanted to tow the line between the professional, trusted products that they produce and the excitement of a new “toy” being purchased. Custom graphics were drafted to back the Americana feel of the company’s target market, while also giving them a modern twist by utilizing icons and clean graphics” says Jessi Knipe, Graphics Manager of PSI.