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PSI Container: 20 Years of Creative Packaging

PSI Container, located in McAdoo, Pennsylvania, is proud to announce their 20-year anniversary. Founded in 1995, PSI Container is one of four manufacturing facilities that make up PSI Group, a network of privately owned divisions that produce custom packaging for the Mid-Atlantic region.

In addition to offering their clients custom boxes and displays, they have also grown their product lines and services to include packaging supplies, custom engineered foam, warehousing, delivery and wooden products such as crates, pallets and reels.


PSI Container converts 3.8 million square feet of corrugated into custom packaging products every week for its more than 260 active clients. Each box produced is SFI Certified, which verifies that PSI only uses materials that are responsibly sourced and promote sustainable forest management.

“Our ongoing commitment to providing full service packaging solutions to our clients means we continue our commitment to internal improvement, customer focus and investing in our employees. Those three things allow us to truly grow with our clients and become an extension of their business” says Deb Havrilla, Customer Service Manager of PSI Container.

As business continues to grow, PSI Container is most proud of their dedicated employees for the hard work and innovative ideas they bring to the table. Many employees are tenured and have dedicated 10 or more years to the company. As a small business, having a low turnover rate on employees really speaks to the quality of the company’s culture and stability.

Since January 1, 2015, PSI Container has added 10 employees to their workforce of 48 and will continue to hire through the summer and fall of 2015.

“While we are very proud of our accomplishments to date, and take a moment to reflect on the company’s successes, it is important that we continue to look forward. Our Management Team has worked tirelessly to position the company for exceptional growth and development in the coming years” says Jimmie Olson, Sales Manager of PSI Container.

The Next 20 Years

Looking ahead to the next 20 years, PSI Container will be expanding their physical space by opening up a second warehousing facility in McAdoo.

“As our client base grows, we recognize the need for additional space to accommodate custom packaging and warehousing services for our clients. This new addition to our network of manufacturing and warehousing facilities will not only create more local job opportunities, but help us continue to provide seamless services to our clients as we grow” says Chris Litzinger, General Manager of PSI Container.

Some of Our Work

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