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PSI Attends the 2013 NIPHLE Symposium

On March 11-14, 2013 we had the pleasure of attending the annual National Training Symposium for the National Institute of Packaging, Handling, and Logistical Engineers (also known as NIPHLE). This year’s symposium was held in Williamsburg, Virginia and concentrated on topics such as:

  • Industry Opportunities
  • Products & White Papers for Packaging Design, Material & Equipments
  • Forward Looking Technology
  • “Hands On” Workshops
  • Future Requirements

NIPHLE was founded in 1956 with the idea to allow professionals in their fields of training, come together and openly share ideas and learn about the future of the industry. Packaging Services Industries (PSI) is a proud member of NIPHLE and as an active member, PSI benefits by having a vast pool of resources in all fields in the packaging industry. This allows us to serve our customers with the latest technology and resources available.

The theme of this year’s symposium was Innovations for the War Fighters Success. During my four days there we discussed with members of the military the problems that occur while transporting supplies to the front line soldier. The symposium was attended by members of the DOD as well as members of academia and industry leaders. NIPHLE is a resource our military uses on a constant base.

“The NIPHLE leadership were very pleased with the large turnout, even with the government sequestration on spending and DoD travel.” -Mr. Michael Werneke, NIPHLE’s Executive Director

The key speakers of the symposium were:

  • Mr. Paul Peters, Principle Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Logistics and Material Readiness.
  • Mr. Peters’ discussion focused on the military sequester and the impact financially on the packaging industry.
  • Capt. Julian Tsukano, USMC 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit.
  • Captain Tsukano spoke in detail about the Marine Corps processes and their applicability to the private sector.
  • Ms. Vicki Edgar, Packaging Specialist, HQ DLA/Logistics Operations Director.
  • Ms. Edgar discussed the role of the Defense Packaging Policy Group.
  • Dr. John Smuff, Sector Director of Transportation Logistics.
  • Mr. Smuff shared with us the details that go into packaging and transporting large and unusual items.
  • Mr. John Gerrish, President of AirPack.
  • Mr. Gerrish gave an update on the hazmat packaging requirements of lithium batteries.
  • Mr. Nick Harris, Engineer Bentley World Packaging.
  • Mr. Harris gave presentation highlighting the art of designing a crate.
  • Mr. Bob Imbriani, VP, Corporate Development for Team Worldwide.
  • Mr. Imbriani instructed the group on International traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR).

“I feel the connections that were made at the symposium were the most beneficial part of my four days there. PSI is an active member of an organization that works with and openly shares ideas with other members of industry. This exchange of ideas and technology allows us to stay on the cutting edge of the packaging field. As a result, it ensures that we are giving our customers industry resources and products.” – Jim Seville, Product Designer for PSI.

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