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Providing Seamless Service After a Disaster Strikes

Earlier this year, we faced a dilemma. After part of the roof of our McAdoo, Pennsylvania, facility collapsed due to heavy snowfall and drifting snow, we had to make a choice: Should we shut down PSI Container and warn our clients about the disruption in service? Or should we do whatever it takes to continue to provide them with the seamless service they’ve come to expect from PSI?

Choosing the latter was a no-brainer. While we had to close PSI Container for four days to remove snow from the roof and put structures in place to add additional support, we vowed not to let it affect service to our customers. We accomplished this task by rerouting our Philcorr trucks and our customer tooling to our two other facilities in Pennsylvania and Maryland. Thanks to our built-in backup supplies at these plants, we also were able to quickly replace damaged customer inventory without interrupting service.

“We’re so proud of how the staff at our three different facilities worked together to get us—and our customers—through this ordeal swiftly and successfully. We especially want to thank the dedicated employees at our headquarters in Williamsport, Maryland, who worked overtime shifts to support the needs of our McAdoo customers” says Jacob Carrelli, Sales Manager of PSI Container.

In addition to preventing service disruption, we also had to deal with the aftermath of the roof collapse, which damaged 25,000 square feet of our 80,000-square-foot facility in McAdoo. Approximately a quarter of the building (20,000 square feet), was considered a total loss. The entire width of the building had to be torn down, new footers had to be poured, and it had to be completely rebuilt.

Prior to the roof collapse, we had been in the process of building a 30,000-square-foot addition to PSI Container. Luckily, that part of the building was not damaged, and we were able to open the addition on June 1 as scheduled.

Two months later, we finished rebuilding the damaged part of the building and opened it on August 1. Now, with nearly 120,000 square feet of space, PSI Container is back up and running at a higher capacity than ever before.

You can’t predict when a disaster will strike your business, but as we demonstrated during the roof collapse, you can overcome it with preparation, dedication, and teamwork.

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