PSI | A Fresh Look for Pocono ProFoods

A Fresh Look for Pocono ProFoods

Pocono ProFoods is a family-owned distributor that supplies quality food and equipment to independent and multi-location restaurants, as well as large-scale organizations with the ease, responsiveness and personal attention of a true partner.

Their passion is the seamless delivery of the quality goods their clients count on to bring the best ingredients to the kitchen. With services currently available to portions of 13 states in New England and the Mid-Atlantic, they continue to provide every customer with personable service, just as they did 75 years ago.

Pocono ProFoods just recently went through a complete rebranding of their company, including a change of name from Pocono Produce Company to Pocono ProFoods as well as a new logo. “With so many things changing internally with Pocono ProFoods, we were happy to help incorporate their new branding into their packaging and develop a total solution that would be efficient, decrease setup time and save them money in the long run” says Jake Carelli, Account Manager for PSI


When PSI first reached out to Pocono ProFoods, they were using a standard RSC carton that was being assembled by stapling the bottom and securing the top with packaging tape. This particular carton was used for customer orders that are not full cases of products, but smaller quantities of lemons, limes or bagged vegetables. Because the box was for shipping smaller quantities of goods, the final cost per box was a major deciding factor.

PSI Structure Designer, Tom Hutchins, created a package that eliminates the need for both staples and tape, which was not only a drastic savings financially for Pocono ProFoods, but also decreased their setup time. A 1-2-3 bottom and locking RSC flaps on the top allow for easy assembly and closure anywhere in the warehouse.




After Tom setup the final structure, our Graphic Design Manager, Jessi Knipe, dove into drafting their new package artwork. Using just the logo provided by the client, Jessi produced a final product that helped complete the rebranding effort of Pocono ProFoods.

• Custom Package Branding

• Financial Savings

• Decrease in Setup Time

• Ease of Use

Thanks to PSI’s extensive state-of-the-art equipment, designers and production staff, they were able to produce a completely new carton design and manufacture the entire package on a single pass through their print press. By evaluating Pocono ProFoods’ setup time and production workflow, PSI delivered a creative packaging solution that increased productivity while keeping their unit cost in the same neighborhood as their old RSC boxes.