PSI | Increasing Production: Seal Up to 30 Cases a Minute!

Packaging Products That Work!

Save time and boost productivity with the new 3M-Matic™ Adjustable Case Sealer A20!


Adjustable bottom belt drive case sealer to dependably seal uniform cases. This product includes 3M™ AccuGlide™ Taping Head 2+ for low impact application of tape, in 36mm to 48mm wide sizes. This model handles a broad range of carton sizes, from a 6″ width to 21.5″ width and 3.5″ to 21.5″ height and case run up to 30 cases a minute!

• Reliable motor drive for box after box dependability.

• Dual masts for taping head stability.

• Laced belts with traction grip for reliable feeding, easy replacement.

• Emergency stop centrally located for quick and easy access.

The 3M-Matic™ Adjustable Case Sealer A20 is ideal for operations that are currently taping boxes by hand, and is super easy to operate!

Scotch® Recycled Corrugate Box Tape that bonds instantly with recycled corrugated material!


The scotch™ Recycled Corrugate Box Sealing Tape 3071 is a carton sealing tape that bonds instantly with recycled corrugated material, making your dedication to using responsible packaging materials hassle free!

The strong conformable backing combined with a high performance adhesive holds the carton closed throughout the supply chain.

Scotch® Low Noise Tape Dispenser


This hand-held, roll-on, pistol-grip dispenser is deisnged to reduce the noise of tape unwind during application. Sturdy, durable and easy to load! The dispenser accommodates tapes up to 2″ (48 mm) wide.

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