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Medical Device Needs Its Own “Life-Saving” Box

PSI Packaging Services was presented with a unique challenge by a Pittsburgh-based Medical Device manufacturer: Create a box that would not only protect its highly sensitive and valuable contents, but do so in a way that indicates that the box should not be discarded. In exact terms, “make the box look important.” The challenge was heightened when a further charge was sent through engineering – “make it (the interior configuration) so that it is understandable – think like a 3rd grader.” This phrase was often used when working and re-working the design.


The contents of the package, an innovative monitoring device worn by heart attack patients after their hospital stay, needs to be returned to the manufacturer after the physician-prescribed period ends.

Prior to PSI’s involvement, a box was shipped to the patient with return instructions. The problems came when the simple 12 x 12 x 12 box with enclosed bubble wrap did not look “important enough” to the patients or their families, and was being discarded. Therefore the medical device was being shipped back in any available box, often completely unprotected, and arriving damaged or destroyed in the return process (beer cases were used as an example of the box of choice).

At $30,000 per device, losing products because of poor packaging was a potentially crippling predicament.

PSI Delivers the Solution:

Designers and sales teams worked diligently with the engineering department to design a perfect match.

The package was lined with the proper density of foam and glued in place so that it couldn’t be removed. Through drop testing data, the foam provided the sensitive equipment with the necessary shock-absorption to completely protect the medical device during shipment.

The packaging had the proper cavities in the foam to indicate the placement of the medical products for easy ship prep.

It was designed in a clamshell style that had the proper aesthetic appeal, making the package look important enough to keep.


The next step was field testing: they collected data about each returned device they received in the new box, and the feedback was outstanding – the devices were returned in the proper box, and they were coming back in great shape, substantially reducing costs involved in re-furbishing the product for its next patient.


Corroboration continues with the device manufacturer and the package has since been redesigned to take cost out through material and size. PSI provides further service by providing the box completely assembled, delivered multiple days each week to accommodate the device manufacturer’s demand and space constraints. Each potentially life-saving device is shipped with its accompanying return box, ensuring it is received back at the manufacturer “safe and sound.”