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Introducing Wax-Free Package Coating

Packaging Services Industries is always looking to improve our products and services while helping minimalize our direct impact on our environment. One issue we have seen in the past few years has been that the waste generated from wax coated corrugated ends up in our landfills. Traditional wax coating in the packaging industry consists of a paraffin based coating that is heavily applied to the corrugated medium to seal the surfaces and to prevent moisture from penetrating the material, which causes deterioration in the carton’s structural integrity.

This type of wax-coated packaging can traditionally be found in the freezer sections of your grocery stores, meat markets, seafood distributors and floral shops due to its ability to withstand an extremely damp environment while protecting its product from damage. Due to the properties of the wax-based coating, cartons treated with this product are not recyclable with other traditional paper products. This lack of sustainability has brought to light the need of a recyclable, environmentally friendly solution for large corporations and international distributors.

There is a relatively new product available in which the corrugated linerboard and medium is saturated with an animal protein product. Once treated, the corrugated has very similar moisture resistant characteristics as the wax coated material. The best part is the carton is 100% recyclable with the normal recycling process of other corrugated or solid fiber cartons.

  • Features state-of-the-art high performance
  • Integrates multiple use applications
  • Provides proven moist condition tolerance
  • Is compostable
  • Is cost neutral, and in most cases, cheaper than traditional waxing
  • Is FDA Compliant

By eliminating pre-steps required by traditional wax coating or cascaded corrugated packaging, this new process allows us to reduce carbon footprint and minimize supply chain steps.

“We performed some extensive testing on this new product over the course of a year by leaving a treated corrugated package in direct contact with the weather. After being exposed to rain, heat and even snow for 12 months, the package was still structurally sound.” -Dan Horn, Package Engineer for PSI

This process will revolutionize the way packaging suppliers and wholesale vendors do business in the future, all while ensuring we are actively taking responsibility for the footprint we leave behind.

For more information on this alternative “green” solution, please contact us. While all conditions are not suited for this new coating, PSI will gladly review your product line and offer environmental solutions.