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From Bland to Bold: How to Transform Your Packaging

Is your product packaging leaving you feeling less than enthused? If you’re not excited about your packaging, then we guarantee that your customers won’t be either. Our advice? Give your packaging a daring new look.

Bold, Beautiful, and Clear.

Don’t be afraid to get gutsy with your packaging design, but also aim for clarity and simplicity. As we discussed in our recent blog post on 2017 packaging trends, minimalism—albeit a glamorized, dressed-up version of this classic approach—is hot right now.

Packaging designers are relying on simple yet bold designs to catch customers’ eyes this year. “The bolder and clearer the packaging is, the more the customer becomes allured by it,” says an article published recently by Packaging News, a UK-based publication that reports on the packaging industry. “…When brands employ clean-cut and classic designs, they not only convey the necessary information but also help the item to stand out. It’s all about creating and supporting a distinct brand identity.”

Giving product packaging a clean, bold new look also can help brands expand their reach within specific market segments, such as millennials, whose consumer influence is driving major changes in the way that companies market themselves and their products. Try taking some cues from big-name brands like McDonald’s. Last year, the fast-food giant redesigned its restaurant bags, cups, and sandwich containers to better attract millennials. “The change is aimed at a generation which appreciates good and fashionable design but also demands simplicity,” reports Graphic Design USA magazine. McDonald’s new packaging features basic product descriptions—Big Mac, Fries, McNuggets, etc.—in brightly colored text and showcases the iconic golden arches that everyone recognizes.

You don’t have to be a widely recognized brand to pull off bold product packaging. Try using these design elements:

• Vivid color palettes

• Easy-to-read fonts

• Custom lettering

• Repeating patterns

• Illustrations

Are you ready to take your product packaging from bland to bold? Contact us today for a free packaging analysis.