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Get Creative Packaging on a Budget

Do you want product packaging that wows but have to stick to a tight budget? Contrary to what you may think, it IS possible to get artfully crafted packaging without breaking the bank.

Trust us—just because you’re a small business or startup, or even a large business without much to spend, doesn’t mean you have to settle for boring, bland packaging.

Here are three tips for designing creative packaging on a budget:


1. Think Beyond the Brown Box

Don’t get us wrong; we’re big fans of the classic plain brown box, but when you want your packaging to speak for your brand, a little more creativity is in order—and that means going custom.

The most creative designs are tailor-made for your brand, but custom packaging doesn’t have to be pricey. Simple and clean yet elegant designs—like a well-designed logo—on quality packaging can often give brands a high-dollar look for a reasonable cost.


2. Add Small Touches for Big Effect

We’ve written before about how ecommerce retailers can create a memorable unboxing experience for customers. Sometimes it’s the little things—like a personalized note in the box thanking me for my order—that make the biggest impression on consumers, especially those who shop online.

If you can’t afford to completely revamp your product packaging, consider adding branded stickers to the exterior of your existing packaging. “Printing even large stickers will be less expensive than printing directly on boxes or bags, and if the product changes, replacing the packaging is that much easier. Plus they add a fun ‘break the seal’ aspect to a package,” writes Kris Travis, brand manager for Oregon-based communications firm A. Wordsmith, in a blog post.

Other fun, inexpensive options include branded tape and stamps on packaging. Some brands also include a branded folder, which customers can use to store their receipts or other items, in every package.


3. Consider Eco-Friendly Design

While we love using sustainable materials (like biodegradable inks, 100% recycled corrugated board, and responsible fillers) because they’re better for our environment and our communities, they’re also perfect for creating beautiful packaging on a budget. In fact, 99designs listed eco-friendly packaging on its list of inspirational packaging design trends for 2017. “Beyond its positive impact on the environment, it can also save companies money and attract customers,” writes Martis Lupus, author of the 99designs article. Using recycled materials, such as 100% recycled corrugated board, for instance, often costs much less than using brand-new materials.

A sustainable approach to packaging design also shows customers that environmental responsibility is important to your company. “Consumers want to feel good about their purchases,” says writer Jane Porter in an article for Entrepreneur. “Using sustainable material, such as organic, fair-trade or recyclable paper, will send an environmentally positive message about your brand.”

Aside from using sustainable materials in your packaging, look to nature for design inspiration. According to BrandPackaging magazine’s State of the Industry 2017 report, there’s “a trend toward a more earthy, natural look with a soft finish” happening in the packaging world right now. Consider using colors, textures, and shapes that evoke images of the outdoors to give your packaging an earth-friendly vibe that will attract customers.


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