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Display Design: Standing Out From the Crowd

When it comes to point-of-purchase displays, sometimes you want something that goes beyond the norm to make your products stand out. Some of the latest trends in POP display design are doing just that by creating product environments to promote products and branding!

Stella Kids, International

Using a mix of materials, including corrugated sheets, Giles Miller Studio designed eye-catching product displays to accommodate a new line of kids clothing. These installations included a dimensional wall as the backdrop and large cardboard animal cutouts that held product via integrated shelving and clothing racks.


Lulamae Pop-Up Shop

“…a world made of cardboard where design is paramount and sustainability rules…”

Designed by Breathe Architecture, this pop-up shop in that appeared in Melbourne packed a tremendous punch in terms of creating high visibility in a small, temporary space. Lulamae contracted this store space for 8 weeks, so having fixtures that were both financially and environmentally responsible held equal importance for the client.

This whimsical environment features Victorian terrace facades, open windows that allow people to see into the shop, and interior product displays that promote the very unique product line offered by Lulamae.

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