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Customer Spotlight: Harbour House Crabs

‘Tis the season—for eating crabs! And thanks to our friends at Harbour House Crabs (, seafood lovers around the country can get live and fresh-steamed Maryland blue crabs, Maine lobster tails, jumbo lump crab cakes, and more delivered right to their doors.

So how does an online retailer based in Pennsylvania manage to ship seafood anywhere in the United States and guarantee that it will arrive in the same condition as it was when it was packaged?

They start by perfectly seasoning and steaming purchases to order (except for live crabs, of course). Then, on the same day, they carefully pack seafood in a Styrofoam cooler inside a sturdy cardboard box and ship it via FedEx. Depending on what items customers order and which shipping method they select, orders will arrive ice-cold with ice packs or partially or fully frozen with dry ice.

This is where PSI comes in.

Since 2005, we’ve been helping Harbour House Crabs solve some of their toughest packaging challenges. In 2014, our talented sales and design teams worked closely with the company to create packaging for crab cakes and several different sizes of boxes (a dozen, half a bushel, etc.) for crabs.

We also helped Harbour House Crabs redesign their molded cooler packaging for crabs and other seafood. “Delivering crabs nationwide via FedEx is a very challenging task,” said Curt Engle, Owner of Harbour House Crabs. “We needed to create outer corrugated boxes to protect the molded coolers.” To prevent products from being damaged by the ice packs inside the cooler, we also created protective inner packaging.

For the new outer packaging, the company opted for a classic white corrugated box featuring the orange Harbour House Crabs logo that customers have learned to instantly recognize when it’s on their doorstep. “Customers love our packaging,” Curt said. “We have been using these boxes for many years and now have customers who comment that they cannot wait to get the orange-logoed white box.”


In their reviews of the company, customers from all over the country rave about the quality and freshness of Harbour House Crabs’ seafood and their high-quality packaging: “I received my order of crabs yesterday and could not be happier (thinking this must be heaven) as I savored every sweet piece of meat,” said Kathryn S. from Cornelius, North Carolina. “The crabs were packed extremely well, still cold from ice packs and cooked to perfection. It’s been 30 years since I have lived close to the Chesapeake Bay. I am a senior now and never thought of having crabs delivered to my door; yesterday was worth the wait. It was everything I remembered and more.”

The new packaging we created for Harbour House Crabs has reduced the risk of products being damaged in transit, according to Curt. It’s also allowed the company to ship products to customers faster and at a lower cost. “We are now able to ship packages on one- and two-day transit, which helps reduce the shipping cost,” Curt Engle said.

“We’re thrilled to have been able to help Harbour House Crabs optimize their product packaging. As a Maryland-based company, we love that Harbour House Crabs delivers fresh-steamed Maryland crabs to anyone craving that Eastern Shore taste—no matter where in the country they’re currently located” says Dereck Hewitt.

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