Customer Spotlight: Clair Brothers - PSI

Customer Spotlight: Clair Brothers


Clair Brothers is among the world’s largest and oldest sound reinforcement companies.

The History Behind Their Success

The company was founded by brothers Roy Clair and Gene Clair in 1966 in Lititz, PA. They were given a small public address system by their father in 1955. They started to rent this system out to local churches, bands and schools. In 1966, Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons were performing a local show at Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster, PA. Roy and Gene had the opportunity to provide sound for their performance. Their road crew was impressed by their sound system and invited Roy and Gene to join them on the road for the rest of their tour. Clair Brothers is known to be the first professional sound company to tour with a band.

In 1989, the company launched an installation division specializing in the design and integration of audio, video and lighting solutions known as Clair Brothers Audio Systems, Inc. In 2008, the original touring company changed its name to Clair Global and Clair Brothers Audio Systems, Inc. became its own separate entity.

Today, Clair Brothers Audio Systems, Inc. identifies as Clair Companies and redefined their brands by recently announcing their two divisions. Clair Solutions is their audio, video and lighting (AVL) integration division and Clair Brothers is their manufacturing division that concentrates on sales and distribution of their professional loudspeaker systems both domestically and worldwide. To learn more, visit them on their website.

PSI and Clair Brothers

PSI started working with Clair Brothers several years ago when they were expanding their product lines into international markets. They were experiencing significant damage due to inferior packaging from their previous supplier. They were working to redesign the packaging, but were frustrated with the overall packaging solutions that were presented to them.


At that time, PSI stepped in and had the opportunity to review the application and provide an alternative proposal. Emily Szerensits, Sales Representative for PSI, and Dan Horn, Packaging Engineer for PSI, reviewed all of the factors that had resulted in damage to their shipments and worked towards minimizing their total material costs. PSI presented four box samples that custom fit to their heavy speaker components and successfully protected their product for overseas shipments.

“We were expanding into an overseas market and as a result, we were experiencing damage due to inferior packaging and severe drops during shipment.

A redesign process took place with a competitor of PSI, but we found the costs to be out of reach, the process too slow, and the packaging too bulky. PSI stepped in and produced 4 samples that worked perfectly right away and saved Clair Brothers 20%” says Mike Dinse, Production Planner for Clair Brothers.

Benefits that PSI Provides

PSI’s customized solutions brought a clean and fresh look to the way each of Clair Brothers audio products are packaged. They were able to utilize less material and eliminate the bulky appearance provided in the past. By reducing the amount of packaging material, the total package weight was also decreased. Now it’s even more optimal to handle and receive shipments of Clair Brothers heavy products. The redesigns that PSI provided reduced Clair Brothers overall damage rate and better accommodated the dimensions of sea shipping containers. PSI’s total packaging solutions provided Clair Brothers with a hefty 20% savings.


“The outer dimensions of the new designs provided by PSI were more conducive to the dimensions of sea containers and thus saved container space when shipping overseas” says Mike Dinse, Production Planner for Clair Brothers.

Partnership & Improvements

PSI continues to support the packaging needs of Clair Brothers as their product lines continue to advance and grow in an ever-changing technological world. PSI provides Clair Brothers with innovative solutions to protect their high dollar product, but also to help them meet the demands of their domestic and foreign markets. PSI offers a proactive approach with regards to cost reductions by evaluating alternative materials and other ways to improve their overall efficiencies.

To learn more about Clair Brothers, visit them on the web!

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