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Custom Packaging Company Lancaster, PA

Whether you are selling ceramics or high-tech gadgets, the packaging that you use to get your products from your warehouse to your final customer can make a huge difference. Would you rather have your products arrive safely and without damage to make a great first impression or arrive damaged and leaking? You put so much effort into your products, so it’s also worthwhile to put the same level of effort into your packaging. Packaging Services Industries, Inc. (PSI) is a proud partner to many businesses who are looking for a great custom packaging company in Lancaster, PA.

We have years of experience working with businesses of every size and in every industry, and we can handle every step of the design and manufacturing processes. If you have a product that needs packaging, we can design the perfect packaging to hold and transport it. We are a resource for companies that need point of purchase displays, direct printed cardboard boxes, corrugated boxes and the right custom packaging company in Lancaster, PA. How can we help elevate your brand and business?

What Types of Custom Packaging Can PSI Create?

Our custom packaging company in Lancaster, PA combines form with function to get great results for companies like yours. Our company is filled with experts and designers, including our internal structural designer team who can design packaging that will hold your items and keep them protected.

We can design and manufacture a broad variety of custom packaging options, including:

  • Direct printed boxes
  • Digitally printed packaging
  • Litho-labeled boxes
  • Flexography
  • Multi-wall boxes and cartons
  • Full color printed boxes
  • Beer and wine boxes
  • Electronics packaging
  • Electronic packaging
  • Medical equipment packaging
  • Glassware packaging
  • Food packaging
  • Retail packaging and displays
  • Perishable food packaging
  • Specialty boxes

Outside of our work as an experienced custom packaging company in Lancaster, PA, we design and manufacture custom point of purchase displays. These customized displays show off your products and ensure that they are easy to present in their best light with your cohesive branding. When you need to ship your products, we can also supply you with bubble wrap, foam cushioning, sealing tape, stretch film, paper rolls, strapping, mailers, tubes and more. We want to be your one-stop shop for custom packaging needs.

Let’s Talk Shop!

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  • Note: Products can only be shipped to commercial addresses. A minimum of $1000 per order required.

How Is Custom Packaging Different?

PSI is proud to be a unique custom packaging company in Lancaster, PA, and we work tirelessly to design and manufacture quality corrugated packaging that fits products of all shapes and sizes. Many businesses try to rely on one-size-fits-most packaging only to find that it leads to breakage, losses and wasted money. If you offer quality products, the best way to get them to their destinations safely is with quality custom packaging. We offer products that are durable, competitively priced and designed with your precise needs in mind.

Outside of less damage happening to items during the transportation and delivery processes, custom packaging also makes your business appear more legitimate. We are here to help you stand out from the crowd and impress every customer through quality custom cardboard packaging.

What Industries Do We Create Custom Packaging For?

Our custom packaging company in Lancaster, PA works with companies throughout Pennsylvania and the greater area to provide custom packaging and products. Some of the most common industries that we work in include:

  • Manufacturing
  • Household products
  • Clothing
  • Technology and electronics
  • Food
  • Cosmetics, health and beauty
  • Gifts
  • And more!

If you want to take a closer look at different custom packaging solutions we have worked on before, click here to see individual case studies. Our solutions are perfectly designed to be cost-effective, reduce damage and make an excellent first impression.

Is There a Custom Packaging Company in Lancaster, PA?

Absolutely! Packaging Services Industries, Inc. offers custom packaging to our local community and beyond. We offer a full suite of packaging supplies, custom cardboard packaging, point of purchase displays and more.  

How Can I Get Started Creating Custom Packaging for My Business?

Call PSI today at (800) 223-6255 or click here to complete a short interest form. Our custom packaging company in Lancaster, PA will reach out to you to learn more about your interests, whether you need custom boxes, stock packaging, custom displays, engineered foam products, packaging equipment or assistance with something else. We look forward to elevating your business through expertly-designed and perfectly manufactured custom packaging.