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Creative Corrugated

Typically when we think of a corrugated box or packaging, we think of a square or rectangle container with four sides, a top and a bottom. But what can be done with corrugated materials that will push the limits of innovation while promoting a product or company? The following examples were found around the web and truly challenge traditional thoughts of what corrugated packaging looks like and how it functions.

An Eco-Friendly, Sensible Package for Light Bulbs


A student named Audrey Blouin accepted a challenge from her professor at UQAM University of Québec in Montréal, Canada, to produce a suitable, sustainable, eco-friendly package for the standard energy saving light bulb. The entire marketing and advertising around these mercury light bulbs revolves around saving energy and being environmentally friendly, but the packaging is made of harsh, hard plastic that typically ends up in the landfills.

Using a single sheet of corrugated material, Audrey came up with a super simple design that is effective in both cost and minimal environmental impact. In addition, because the light bulb itself has mercury in it and is incredibly toxic to put into landfills, the packaging can easily be saved, the dead bulb placed back inside and stored for proper recycling.

Coffee Cases


Doing a successful coffee run for two or more people always means someone is juggling and struggling. From opening doors to managing a shoulder bag – Murphy’s Law will always seek to destroy you when you have a piping hot beverage in your hand.  The STI Group in Germany redefined the coffee carrier with an easy to assemble package that can be easily carried. Their carrier trays combine the perfect balance of form vs. function and allow the carrier to have a free hand to work with. The carrier also comes with space for creamers and sugars!

Beer to Go?

Yes, you heard right!


Someone, somewhere complained about how hard it was to carry more than a single beer at a time (and for that, we thank you). The designers name is Ivan Maximov and this package design was done for a chain of Moscow football pubs that brew their own beer. Each corrugated carrier comes with sturdy paper cups, lids and labels for the lids that say what brew is inside, as well as the brew date.

These to-go carriers are designed so that they can be used more than once and carry full sized pints.

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