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Corrugated Packaging York, PA

Businesses all over the world rely on one type of packaging material over others thanks to its affordability, functionality, durability and other benefits. This packaging material is attractive and can be shaped and customized to meet your precise needs. What packaging material is it? Cardboard. Packaging Services Industries, Inc. (PSI) has worked with companies across the country and locally in Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania to provide quality corrugated packaging. Our custom corrugated packaging in York, PA will be tailored to meet your preferences and designed to specifically hold your products.

At PSI, we work with businesses of every size and in every industry to design, manufacture and distribute packaging solutions to solve the issues that are having with your current packaging and make a great impression every time. When you rely on one-size-fits-all packaging, you will often experience broken products, leaks and damage that would not otherwise occur. We can create corrugated packaging in York, PA that will help your business optimize the customer experience, avoid overspending on postage and ensure that your products arrive safely without damage. Our team cares about your success.

How Can Your Business Customize Corrugated Packaging?

Packaging Services Industries, Inc. designs and manufactures direct printed boxes, digitally printed packaging and litho labeled boxes. We have a complete range of customization options that can be used to create your corrugated packaging in York, PA, and everything that we create is tailored to your brand, your budget and your products. We have internal structural designers who can review your specific products to draft a cardboard package that will fit them and perform in line with your expectations, whether that means making it as lightweight as possible or minimizing as much damage as possible.

Cardboard packaging has been used for decades for a reason, but that doesn’t mean that the products that are conventionally available are perfect for custom products. The team at PSI knows how to help you design a cohesive branded experience for all of your clients that meets your needs and exceeds their expectations. We can work alongside your team and any other stakeholders to help find the perfect corrugated packaging in York, PA for your company and your products.

Can Corrugated Packaging Be Reinforced?

Yes. We have a variety of ways that we can help in reinforcing and strengthening your cardboard packaging so that it is durable enough to guard the products that you place inside of it. Our corrugated packaging in York, PA can include many different types of reinforcement options, including straps, bands, cardboard inserts, packing materials and more. Thanks to our experience and robust capabilities, we can design cardboard boxes that range from single wall micro-flutes to large multi-wall boxes designed to hold heavy things. Whether you want more stability for shipping or boxes that can double as point of purchase displays, we know how to bring your dreams to life.

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Is There a Company Creating Corrugated Packaging in York, PA?

Packaging Services Industries, Inc. offers custom corrugated packaging in York, PA, and all of our boxes are truly tailored to meet the needs of our companies, their target audience and the exact products that they are shipping. We build relationships instead of transactions, so we will always take the time to learn about your products, your company, your budget, your brand and any of the problems you are currently experiencing. We want to be your best experience creating corrugated packaging in York, PA.

How Can I Get Started Creating Custom Corrugated Packaging for My Business?

Call PSI today at (800) 223-6255 or click here to complete a short interest form. Our company is well-known for creating custom corrugated packaging in York, PA, and we will reach out to you to learn more about your interests, whether you need custom boxes, stock packaging, custom displays, engineered foam products, packaging equipment or assistance with something else. We look forward to elevating your business through expertly-designed and perfectly manufactured custom packaging.