Corrugated Packaging Alexandria, VA

Millions of companies around the world choose one packaging material to transport their goods, deliver attractive packaging, and make a great first impression. This packaging is versatile, durable, and surprisingly affordable. What is it? Cardboard! Corrugated packaging is an effective solution for many different industries and products. At Packaging Services Industries, Inc. (PSI), we work with businesses around the country and in Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. Our custom corrugated packaging in Alexandria, VA is customizable so that it meets your exact specifications and standards.

We work with companies in every industry, of every size, and with all types of products. We understand the nuances of the design, manufacturing, and distribution processes, and we can help you find the perfect packaging solutions for your company. Our team cares about helping eliminate problems that you are currently facing, stopping future issues from occurring, and ensuring that you make a fantastic first impression. When you work with us for corrugated packaging in Alexandria, VA, you can rest assured that you will get industry-leading quality backed by our excellent customer service.

How Can Your Business Customize Corrugated Packaging?

Can Corrugated Packaging Be Reinforced?

Yes, we use a variety of methods to help strengthen cardboard packaging so that it can withstand a variety of situations. Some of the most common methods that we use to reinforce corrugated packaging in Alexandria, VA include:

  • Straps
  • Packing materials
  • Cardboard inserts
  • Tissue
  • Bands
  • Reinforcement options

We also offer cardboard boxes in a variety of styles, including single wall micro-flutes and multi-wall boxes that are more appropriate for items that are heavy, fragile, or awkward. We can design custom corrugated packaging in Alexandria, VA to meet your exact needs, whether you want to limit shipping damage or design boxes that can be integrated with point of purchase displays that always display your products in the perfect light.

Is There a Company Creating Corrugated Packaging in Alexandria, VA?

How Can I Get Started Creating Custom Corrugated Packaging for My Business?


Note: Products can only be shipped to commercial addresses. A minimum of $1000 per order required.