Corrugated Box Design Leesburg, VA

As a business that relies on being able to deliver and ship your products to consumers and clients around the country and the world, you care about the quality of your packaging. While box design might seem like a trivial part of this process, it is essential and can have far-reaching ramifications. Corrugated boxes are one of the most popular options for transporting and shipping your products, and they can be customized in a broad range of ways to meet your exact needs and seamlessly transport your products. 

At Packaging Services Industries, Inc. (PSI), we work with businesses of every size and in every industry to design and manufacture functional, beautiful, and highly customized packaging. Our internal structural designers know how to tailor your boxes to meet your needs, your budget, and any other requirements that you have. When you need the right place to find corrugated box design in Leesburg, VA, you can trust the team at PSI. 

How Can I Customize My Corrugated Box Design?

What Types of Products Can We Design Corrugated Boxes to Hold?

When you need corrugated box design in Leesburg, VA, we can help. If you have a product that needs to fit into it, we can design it. Some of the most common types of corrugated packaging that we design and manufacture include:

  • Beer and wine boxes
  • Electronics packaging
  • Medical equipment packaging
  • Glassware packaging
  • Machinery packaging
  • Food packaging 
  • Retail packaging 
  • Displays
  • Perishable food packaging 
  • Stationary packaging 
  • Specialty boxes

Is There a Company Offering Corrugated Box Design in Leesburg, VA?

Yes! At Packaging Services Industries, Inc., we have years of experience designing and manufacturing cardboard packaging. We know the ins and outs of corrugated box design in Leesburg, VA, which gives us the unique experience necessary to deliver you exactly what you are looking for. No two products are exactly identical, which means that no two cardboard boxes should be exactly alike. Our team can eliminate some of the problems that arise with one-size-fits-all boxes, like leaking, breakage, damage, and other losses. How can we help you?

How Can I Get Started Creating Custom Corrugated Packaging for My Business?


Note: Products can only be shipped to commercial addresses. A minimum of $1000 per order required.