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Corrugated Box Design Harrisburg, PA

Your box design matters, as it is the thing that keeps your products safe as they travel to their destination and makes the first impression that your clients will have. Beautiful corrugated boxes will set your business apart. At Packaging Services Industries (PSI), we are experts in corrugated box design in Harrisburg, PA. We work with businesses in every industry and of every size to design effective cardboard packaging from scratch. Our internal structural designers can assess all of your merchandise and formulate and design a perfect cardboard package that is custom fitted to your products.

How Can I Customize My Corrugated Box Design?

PSI has a variety of methods that can be used to customize your corrugated box design in Harrisburg, PA. We can die-cut cardboard boxes to match your needs, whether you want single wall micro-flutes or multi-wall boxes made to last. We offer direct printing on boxes, digitally printed packaging and litho-labeled boxes. PSI has four color and full color printing capabilities, and we can precisely color match your existing branded materials.

We can deliver your corrugated boxes already assembled (taped, stitched, glued), collated into kits, bundled into flat units or even stored in one of our warehouses so that you receive them as you need them. Packaging Services Industries is here to meet all of your custom cardboard packaging needs however we can.

What Types of Products Can We Design Corrugated Boxes to Hold?

We have years of experience providing corrugated box design in Harrisburg, PA, and we’ve created boxes for almost everything. Some of the most common types of packaging that we create include:

  • Beer and wine boxes
  • Electronics packaging
  • Medical equipment packaging
  • Glassware packaging
  • Machinery packaging
  • Food packaging
  • Retail packaging
  • Displays
  • Perishable food packaging
  • Stationary packaging
  • Specialty boxes

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Is There a Company Offering Corrugated Box Design in Harrisburg, PA?

Yes! PSI is a leader in corrugated box design in Harrisburg, PA, and we know how to design and manufacture cardboard packages that are built to last. Corrugated cardboard is incredibly sturdy, and it is designed to keep your products safe as they are transported. We have a variety of methods that we can use to reinforce your cardboard, tailor our solutions to your goals and work together with your team to develop the perfect solution for your packaging and shipping. With our help, you can enjoy custom cardboard packaging that makes your business look great and that is just as durable as more expensive and inconvenient packaging options.

We know that no two products are identical, so our corrugated box design in Harrisburg, PA works with your specific product to develop a tailor-made solution. We never try to fit a square peg into a round hole. Fully customizable packaging allows you to opt in or out of all of the features and design options available to you, so you will have full control over the finished product. If you’re ready to get started on your corrugated box design in Harrisburg, PA, the team at PSI is here to help.

How Can I Get Started Creating Custom Corrugated Packaging for My Business?

Call PSI today at 570-929-1600 or click here to complete a short interest form. Our company is well-known for corrugated box design in Harrisburg, PA, and we will reach out to you to learn more about your interests, whether you need custom boxes, stock packaging, custom displays, engineered foam products, packaging equipment or assistance with something else. We look forward to elevating your business through expertly-designed and perfectly manufactured custom packaging.