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Chef Staib’s 18th Century Spice Collection

Chef Walter Staib is best known for his Emmy Award winning show, A Taste of History, first seen on PBS and now nationwide on cable television. As a chef and food historian, Staib brings America’s culinary heritage to life through his show and his restaurant, City Tavern in Philadelphia, PA.

In addition to his restaurants, he is also the author of A Sweet Taste of History, City Tavern: Recipes from the Birthplace of America, City Tavern Baking & Dessert Cookbook, and Black Forest Cuisine.


A Timeless Collection

Inspired by customer demand and Staib’s desire to share his seasonings with his viewers and guests of City Tavern, he has launched his latest culinary masterpiece: Chef Walter Staib’s 18th Century Spice Collection.

The uninitiated may imagine that the American cuisine served at Philadelphia’s original City Tavern in the 1700s was dull, flavorless, and limited. In reality, the nearby bustling port brought a dizzying mix of variety. Americans were hungry for sophisticated fare. The new nation’s rich agricultural land produced an abundance of natural foods, including wild fruits and berries, game, wildfowl, maple syrup, honey, and natural spices.


Colonists also went to great lengths and expenses to procure the finest flavored spices that didn’t grow in the new world, sailing to all ports of call to import them. Chef Walter Staib’s spice blends and herb rubs are made in that same spirit today with the best spices for you to recreate the flavors of the 18th century.

An Exceptional Pairing

Molly Yun, Marketing and PR Director for Concepts by Staib reached out to PSI about developing a custom package.

“Christine Myers, President of Madison Park Foods, recommended PSI to us. They manufactured the spices at their plant in New Jersey, and helped us to complete the spice collection project. Christine raved about PSI’s customer service, creativity and the quality of their work.

This was the first time we’ve needed packaging design done out of house. PSI held our hands through the entire process and we got a better looking, more affordable box in less time than if we had tried to do it ourselves” says Molly.

Taking some initial concepts for the box design itself and the artwork, PSI’s design staff worked with Chef Staib’s team to cultivate a box to complement Staib’s work.


“Working with PSI was wonderful. From start to finish, they provided excellent customer service and clearly communicated each step of production.

When we needed help with design work, Jessi came to our aid and created a visually stunning box for our spice rub that will jump off shelves. With just a few details of what we wanted, she designed a beautiful box with multiple colors that exceeded our expectations. We couldn’t recommend them enough.”

Where to Buy and Try

Each gift set is packed with 4 jars of a unique spice blend designed by Chef Walter Staib so you can enhance your cooking and create 18th century cuisine at home. The spices are also delicious in modern cuisine, from stews to seafood, vegetables and even popcorn!

Chef Staib’s 18th Century Spice Collection is available online for purchase as well as in the gift shop of City Tavern Restaurant in Philadelphia, Pa.

To learn more about Chef Staib, you can visit him on the web at or at