PSI | Cardboard and Gardening: Spring DIY Projects

Cardboard and Gardening: Spring DIY Projects

We love cardboard, and we love learning new ways to use it even more!

Spring has sprung and as the foggy slumber of the winter-blues fades into the past, the birds begin to chirp and we are all anxious to get outside and dig in the dirt. So here are some of our top cardboard tips and tricks to keep in mind as you work on your own gardens!


People spend tons of money every spring on fancy seeding systems to get their gardens started. By using toilet paper and paper towel tubes, you can stack and bundle your seed starters together. Once the plants are ready to put in the ground, simply transplant the tube and seedling together.

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Garden Stepping Stones

A fun family project! Using old boxes, you can make stepping stones for your garden or patio area! You can also cut up a cardboard tube and use textures found in nature to imprint your stones. How fun?!

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Raised Flowerbed Lining

Weeds are a gardeners worst nightmare! Help cut back on them buy lining your garden boxes or beds with a hefty lining of cardboard, mulch and soil. This is not only an financially-economical way to keep your garden looking sharp, but it is also environmentally friendly!

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Feeling Creative?

Using a mixture of reclaimed lumber, discarded cardboard and paper mache – Seattle sculptress Kim Graham made this amazing garden sculpture of a troll!

She sets the bar a little high for the average gardener, but this just goes to show you how versatile cardboard can be!

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