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Beyond the Box: Custom Tape and Other Packaging Accessories

We’ve said it before: your product packaging has the potential to leave a lasting impression on your customers.

But the best first impressions aren’t always all about the box itself. Packaging accessories, such as tapes and fillers, play a major role in creating a memorable unboxing experience for customers. As we’ve found over our 35 years of providing innovative packaging solutions for retailers, sometimes it’s the small touches that have the biggest effect on how customers feel about a product’s packaging.

Whether you opt for custom corrugated boxes or stick with tried-and-true plain brown stock boxes, packaging accessories can help you turn a good unboxing experience into a great one. Try using some of these accessories to boost the appeal of your product packaging:


Custom Tape

Complement your custom corrugated boxes with matching custom tape to add an extra dimension to your package design. Or turn plain brown boxes into powerful branding tools by using custom tape featuring your brand’s name, logo, or colors. For a trendy minimalist look, use the less-is-more approach (e.g., bold fonts and simple, uncluttered design), but don’t shy away from using vibrant colors and funky patterns if they fit your brand’s style.


Branded Stickers

Used on the exterior of cardboard boxes or shipping bags, branded stickers are an inexpensive way for retailers to personalize product packaging and connect with customers from the moment a package arrives on their doorsteps. Some companies, like online retailer ModCloth, also use stickers on the inside of their packaging to add to the unboxing experience and encourage consumers to share their experiences on their social networks.


Unique Fillers

Consider using fun fillers like colored crinkle paper as an alternative to—or in addition to—traditional protective cushioning like bubble wrap or foam cushioning. Or try adding a layer of tissue paper around your product. “Wrapping your products in tissue paper adds an extra level of mystery and excitement for the unboxing experience,” advises the ecommerce platform Shopify. For fragile items, such as glass-bottled beer, wine, or spirits, consider protective options like custom corrugated inserts, foam cushioning, or bubble wrap sleeves that are designed exclusively to fit their shape to prevent breakage during shipping.


Ready to go beyond the box with custom tape and other packaging accessories? PSI Group can help. Our talented graphic designers and structure engineers will work hand in hand with you to create accessories that complement your product packaging and maximize its potential to resonate with customers.

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