PSI | An Expansion of Our Business Development Team

An Expansion of Our Business Development Team

On behalf of all of us at Packaging Services of Maryland and PSI Container Inc., we are proud to announce a wonderful new addition to our Sales & Marketing Department: Jessi Knipe, Graphic Design Manager.

I have been in packaging for over 25 years and have worked with some of the most influential people in the industry. The knowledge I have gained from these wonderful individuals is priceless, and I need to add one more person to that list – Jessi.

Welcome Jessi, we are so proud to have you on our team.

The Many Hats

Over the last three years, Jessi’s job has grown into something much more than simply a pre-press designer. Her role within the company has turned into a jack-of-all-trades and a master of quite a few.

She handles pre-press artwork, package consultations with clients, does internal product photography and video work, develops digital marketing campaigns, conducts target market research, creates resources for our sales force and manages our website growth.

She redesigned PSI’s website to be (in our opinion) one of the most visually stimulating in our industry and continues to open new doors for PSI. She has taken initiative to not only make PSI’s web presence felt, but also makes sure the entire sales team is tightly integrated and represented in the digital market.

“Like many other PSI employees, I wear many different hats in addition to my daily responsibilities. It keeps work exciting! It ensures that I continually grow as a designer and (most importantly) it allows me to bring more to the table and help PSI grow by tapping into new markets” says Jessi.

The WOW-factor that PSI is able to create because of her work is extremely valuable in our forever-changing market. With a keen sense of branding, marketing knowledge and creativity, Jessi helps PSI remain in front of the pack.

“Jessi is one of the special people that just shines everyday. Her hard work and amazing creativity has expanded our imagination and has challenged us to give our customers an extraordinary product. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.” – Chris Litzinger, Vice President


Some of Jessi’s Work

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A Dynamic Team: Providing Value to Our Customers

Ease of project start-up and creative turn-around time are two areas where Jessi’s work ethic and drive exceed every expectation that is set.

“Jessi takes so much pride in her work, and it always shows in the finished product. Her time management skills allow her to manage multiple projects at the same time with flawless execution, and her ideas and creativity have helped me open doors to new customers. Jessi is always willing to help with anything throughout the organization; she is a true team player. “ -Jake Carrelli, Account Manager

The PSI sales force is always researching and building products to help our customers operate more efficiently. Jessi’s creativity paired with our excellent business development team is the perfect marriage of capability and customer service – bringing concepts to reality by turning plain, brown boxes into branded customer experiences and creating superior solutions to meet every need.

Our staff operates as an extension of your company and approaches your project with the same care as you would.

We are all so proud of what we do here at PSI, and we are delighted to call Jessi one of our own.