PSI | Adding New Dimensions

Adding New Dimensions

Packaging Services Industries is kicking off 2013 with their annual sales meeting. Scheduled for January 16 – 18 in McAdoo, PA – this 3 day event is packed full of vendor presentations which will showcase new and exciting products.

“I am excited about Decker Tape Products and meeting with our newest vendor, SimPak International. They both have some great products to introduce to our sales teams. I will also be presenting for the first time this year on our new website!” says Joy Twigg, Sales Support Manager for Williamsport, MD PSI.

In addition to the meeting, PSI has also scheduled team building exercises at the Mohegan Sun Casino and Racetrack. “We all want 2013 to be the best year we can make it and this meeting is going to get our sales force pumped up!”

Check back later in the month for the post-meeting follow-up!

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