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A Tiny, Biodegradable Cardboard Battery

Disposable smartphone batteries have been around for years and are incredibly popular in Asia. Convenience stores carry these “disposable” lithium ion batteries, which are encased in plastic – making them even more environmentally unfriendly.

Designer Tsung Chih-Hsien, red-dot award winner of 2014, came up with a concept design for a set of capsule charges that allow you to pick how much charge you need when you are stranded without an outlet. These two, four and six hour packs are cased in cardboard and would ideally be broken off of a perforated sheet, allowing customers to purchase them in bulk.
Now, even tho the inner battery inside of each capsule is not recyclable, Tsung says he imagines it would be recycled at the same convenience store where the user purchased the Mini Power. By removing the outer plastic casing and making it cardboard,

Of course, by comparison to an external battery pack that is rechargeable, it is not the lesser of two evils. But at the end of the day, Tsung shows us just how cardboard and concept design can come together to make something powerful.