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3 Reasons Why Your Label Isn’t Selling More Beer

Over the last decade, the craft beer industry has exploded, with new macro- and micro-breweries popping up all over the country. It’s great news for lovers of good beer, certainly, but with so much competition, how can breweries make their beers stand out on the shelves?

We’ll let you in on the secret: It’s eye-catching label and packaging design.

“As craft beer booms, store shelves are getting more and more competitive,” writes Harvey Shepard, author of Oh Beautiful Beer: The Evolution of Craft Beer and Design, and the blog on which the book is based. “With more than 15,000 breweries worldwide, breweries have recognized that it takes more than just remarkable beer to drive sales. They are investing in design as a means to separate themselves.”

So, if you know people like your beer, but your brewery’s sales aren’t what you’d like them to be, consider whether your label might be the cause. Here are 3 reasons why your label isn’t selling more beer.


It doesn’t show your beer’s personality.

Your beer isn’t just another cookie-cutter brew churned out by one of the “Big Beer” brands. Your beer has a distinct flavor and personality all its own. Aim to showcase that on your label.

Beyond merely showing personality, though, your beer label is your product’s visual identity. “You have to translate your brand’s personality into a visual brand identity, writes Matt Ellis in a post for 99Designs. “In other words, you need to take that warm, friendly oatmeal stout that’s going to be sold at local pubs, and figure out how to visually communicate that concept to the world.”

It doesn’t appeal to your target demographic.

Don’t try to convince everyone to buy your beer, because you never will. Instead, focus on a select group, and cater to their tastes.

Let your target audience be your guide when designing your beer label: If you want to attract the bold, adventurous types, then consider more daring designs. If you’re targeting more discerning crowd, go with a minimalist look.

It’s poorly designed.

Like a bad beer, a bad label design stands out for the wrong reasons—and it can turn consumers off a brand fast. Beer labels that are cluttered or that lack focus or a unifying theme fall into this category.

As consumers eyes roam over the beer shelves, they’re seeking something unique, something that speaks to them. There’s no room for lengthy reading on this quest. Beer labels that have too much going on will be glossed over, as consumers’ eyes seek an easier, more visually appealing target.

Think Beyond the Bottle

Your beer’s visual identity goes beyond the label on the bottle (or can)—it’s a key part of your packaging flow as well. Consider how your brand can capitalize on interacting with consumers to make you stand out on the shelf.

If you need help designing better craft beer packaging, we’re here. Our team of talented graphic designers and structure engineers would love to help you tap into your beer’s packaging potential.

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