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3 Reasons Your Packaging is in Chaos & How to Fix It

Do you have a nagging feeling that your product packaging is lacking something, perhaps a defining element or cohesion that brings the design together? Consider these three signs that your packaging may be in a state of confusion:

The design is cluttered and lacks focus.

Is your package design overly complex? “Whether it’s using an abundance of bold color choices, implementing too many graphics, or making the design far too busy, these mistakes will usually hurt the overall concept more than it helps,” according to an article on common graphic design mistakes to avoid for Upwork.

It doesn’t clearly communicate your brand’s message.

Packaging that doesn’t reflect your brand’s identity is a missed opportunity to position your brand in a place of strength. Understanding positioning is one of the ten most important things to know about package design, writes Lars G. Wallentin on his Packaging Sense blog. “Call it what you like: genetic code, DNA, spirit, core value, brand essence, big idea, etc., a package design must strengthen the idea behind a brand (or product),” Wallentin writes. “There must be a synergy effect. A package design is always part of total communication and has therefore to be in line with the above mentioned idea or positioning. The idea must be simple and powerful.”

It doesn’t appeal to your target market.

Like the product itself, product packaging should be designed with consumer needs and preferences in mind. Packaging designs that neglect to address these crucial factors risk alienating a product’s target market rather than appealing to it.

Coming Back from Chaos

If you think your product packaging is too chaotic, then we can bet that most of your customers feel that way, too. But don’t worry; PSI Group can help you fix your packaging problems.

First of all, remember the adage “less is more,” and apply that to your packaging design strategy. Strive to keep your design as clean and simple as possible, but don’t be afraid to get creative either. Aim for a balanced but eye-catching design that speaks to the heart of your brand and helps support your key message.

To put your brand’s identity front and center, consider using branded packaging. “Whether it’s a simple logo and tagline added, or a design with a distinct shape and color, branded packaging can increase brand awareness and improve the consumer experience,” according to an article for Packaging World magazine.

Lastly, do some in-depth market research before deciding on a design for your product packaging. Try to get a sense of the colors, typefaces, and graphics that are appropriate for the product and appeal to your target market.

Do you need expert help bringing your packaging back from chaos? At PSI Group, we specialize in designing and fabricating custom corrugated boxes and retail packaging that showcase your brand’s unique voice and help you connect with your customers on a deeper level. Contact us today for a free packaging analysis.