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2017 Packaging Design Trends to Try

In today’s marketplace, product packaging is becoming increasingly important for brands that want to stand out from the crowd. In fact, according to data gathered by BrandPackaging magazine for its State of the Industry 2017 report, most packaging and design professionals polled “see product and packaging innovation as the single-most important factor that will contribute to a brand’s competitive advantage.”

With competition between brands continuing to heat up, appealing packaging can help brands get more attention and connect with their customers on a deeper level. More than half of those surveyed for BrandPackaging’s report claim “their biggest challenge today is developing packaging designs that connect emotionally with the end customer.” To tackle that challenge, “a whopping 75 percent of those in the survey say their companies are taking the initiative to engage in more dialogues with their consumers to better understand their needs and to test packaging ideas,” BrandPackaging says.

So, what can your brand do to boost the appeal of your product packaging this year? Try taking a few cues from what’s hot and happening in the packaging world! Let’s look at some of this year’s most popular packaging design trends.


Less is More

While visual design trends come and go, minimalism is one that seems to be sticking around (in fact, we wrote about how to master minimalist design last year in another blog post). This trend isn’t static, though; it continues to evolve as designers take new approaches on this classic design concept. “There is a direct response design movement to the consumer desire for less. But not just less—less, but better,” according to The Dieline’s 2017 trend report. “Thus these designs are not the same old minimalism approaching zero, but they take some of the ideas of minimalism and dress it up a bit. It is a premium, glamorized approach to minimalism.”

Bold Colors

Color has always been an important consideration in packaging design. After all, “it’s no secret that colors evoke emotions and affect purchasing decisions,” writes Martis Lupus in a post for 99designs, an online graphic design marketplace. This year, though, we’re seeing a trend toward using more vibrant colors on product packaging. These bold hues can help catch consumers’ eyes and make your brand more memorable.


Playing with Patterns

Many brands are using patterns—ranging from simple swirl patterns to funky paisley patterns—to help make a statement with their packaging. “Using well-chosen and beautiful patterns can elevate a package design from ordinary to ethereal,” Lupus says. “Although the idea of repetitive shapes might seem simple, the technique can be dynamic and compelling when used correctly.”

Consider what patterns might reflect your brand’s identity. If you’re a company that isn’t afraid to be adventurous, opt for bold patterns, or if your style is more conservative, choose simple and more subdued patterns.

Vintage Looks

Designs that inspire nostalgia are especially popular among food and beverage brands right now. “These designs fetishize hand-crafted, rugged, intricate ornateness,” according to The Dieline. “This trend looks back at a past when you had time to spend on painstaking details, setting type, carving woodblocks.”

Luckily, modern-day printing technology allows us to create elaborately detailed vintage packaging designs without spending hours crafting them by hand.

Want to Try Some of These Trends?

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